Garmin’s Best In-Car Sat Nav 2013

There are a lot of sat navs can do the navigation job.Our job is saving people time of doing research on their own.We picked out 3 best sat navs along with detailed sat nav reviews of each one.

How do we define the ‘Best’? In our mind,the best sat nav come with the highest number of buyers and get positive sat nav reviews from most of their users.We don’t rate a sat nav that no one want to buy.We also don’t rate a sat nav that a large number of the buyers say ‘No’.Depending on the formula for ‘Best’,we think we can really find out those best sat navs on the market.

1.Garmin Nuvi 2595LMT

Garmin Nuvi 2595LMT

Garmin Nuvi 2595LMT is on the top of the list.There are 600+ customer reviews on Amazon platform and about 500 customers gave a positive rating(4/5 and 5/5 stars) for this sat nav.So,we think it’s one of the best sat nav choices.We trust what other customers trust.Let’s take a look what makes this sat nav so favorite.

Garmin Nuvi 2595LMT carries a wide 5 Inch touchscreen.That is easy to see wherever you’re moving to on the terrific 5 Inch display. Check map details, driving directions, images plus much more in bright, outstanding colour. With its big, bold screen, you’ll not miss anything.

You do not need to be worried about your map expired now.Garmin Nuvi 2595LMT can fetch you the most up-to-date maps, POIs (points of interest) and navigation data. New maps are available for downloading up to 4 times annually, for the lifetime of your unit, with no fees.Life time traffic upgrades allow your Garmin Nuvi 2595LMT to get free of charge traffic information for its whole life.Traffic notifications show up on the edge of your map and traffic reports are spoken too. Garmin Traffic can give details about the situation, which include the number of minutes of hold up to anticipate and if there are any possible detours. It will even indicate whether you are on the fastest route.

You can control your Garmin Nuvi 2595LMT by voice command with the Voice-activated navigation.This is cool and really helpful while you are dirving on the road.You can focus on the wheel.Just speak out the address and let the sat nav do the rest job.

Garmin Nuvi 2595LMT also comes with built in Bluetooth wireless technology, you’ll be able to sync with your compatible telephone for hands free phone call as well as access the contacts and call history via the your sat nav – no requirement to use your eye, touch or even get your phone. Garmin’s SafeTexting even speaks your text messages, eliminating another danger of distraction.

With these cutting-edge techs,we think this is why Garmin Nuvi 2595LMT become the first choice for most people while shopping for a in-car sat nav.You can continue to read the detailed expert review for Garmin Nuvi 2595LMT or you can read negtive sat nav reviews from other costomers here.

2.Garmin Nuvi 2445LMT

Garmin Nuvi 2445LMT

At the #2 on the list is Garmin Nuvi 2445LMT sat nav.There are about 300 customer reviews from Amazon and about 250 customers gave a positive rating(4/5 and 5/5 stars) for this sat nav.Most of the buyers think it is a useful sat nav for their driving. Something different to make this one #2 while comparing with Garmin Nuvi 2595LMT which is on the top.

This Garmin  sat nav comes with a 4.3 Inch touch-screen which is not 5 Inch.It is not so wide but big enough to see everything on the display while you are driving.

Along with Voice prompts as well as Speaks street names features,Garmin Nuvi 2595LMT will let you know where and when you need to turn by voice.One example is:’Turn left at Hamilton Street in 900 feet. ’But,the Voice-activated navigation is not built in the sat nav which means you can not operate your sat nav with spoken commands.This is not so convienient.

At the same time, the Bluetooth® wireless technology is not included in Garmin Nuvi are not able to connect with your compatible cellphone for hands free phone call nor get into the contacts and call history by using the your sat nav.

Garmin Nuvi 2445LMT contains our unique Cyclops Speed Camera technique, for live, direction-relevant and precise alerts. The full safety camera database is readily pre-loaded on your sat nav. However, it is possible to receive regular or one-off updates to make sure you’ve always got the most current camera locations, to help you to drive safety and legally.New or transferred cameras are constantly monitored and Cyclops checks and updates their central database every day.

You can also update your map & traffic for a lifetime of your Garmin Nuvi 2445LMT with no extra charge.This is really very helpful.

Without the Voice-activated navigation and bluetooth function.You can spend 40 pounds less than Garmin Nuvi 2595LMT to bring this sat nav home.If you are interested in Garmin Nuvi 2445LMT,you can also find our expert review or you can read more negtive reviews from other customers to decide whether you really want to buy it.It won’t be wrong.

3. Garmin Nuvi 2597LMT

Garmin Nuvi 2597LMTThere are 115 comtomers reviewed this Garmin nuvi 2597LMT on Amazon when we are composing this article.87 of them gave 4/5 or 5/5 to this 5 Inch sat nav.A lot of sat nav reviews indicated that this is another outstanding In-car sat nav.

Garmin nuvi 2597LMT is another sat nav carries a 5 Inch screen with free lifetime traffic and map update(LMT).Unlike the Garmin Nuvi 2445LMT,the Voice-activated navigation and Bluetooth® wireless technology are both preloaded in the nuvi 2597LMT.

With myTrends amazing routing functions, Garmin nuvi 2597LMT understands your driving habits and recognise your beloved spots to estimate where you’re going. It helps you to save time manually activating a route on repeat trips and refines your route-planning according to previous trips. With trafficTrends, the sat nav automatically learns traffic flow trends to improve your routes and better predict your estimated time of arrival based on time of day and day of week. So whether or not you’re driving to and from company or to a common weekly affair, your Garmin nuvi 2597LMT will make it easier to arrive there punctually.

Compare with the #1 and #2 on the list,Garmin nuvi 2597LMT ‘s Enhanced pedestrian navigation and Photo navigation are both cancelled.You may want your sat nav to meet your needs even when you’re walking around the village besides driving.Enhanced pedestrian navigation will make it become a reality.With pedestrian navigation functionality, bright display and smooth, lightweight design, Garmin nuvi 2597LMT is the best journey companion in and out of the car. Get optional cityXplorer material and navigate new towns like a local. Garmin’s enhanced pedestrian mode offers ways for walking including footpaths and shortcuts through parks – destinations you wouldn’t be accessing when in the car. It also tells you best places to get trains, buses and taxi cab (dependent upon the city) and how much time it is going to cost to arrive at your destination. cityXplorer also has open public transportation timetables to make sure you reach the station on time and help avoid long waits (dependent on the city).The Photo navigation function is an interesting but very helpful feature.It will take you to the geotagged photographs.

ecoRoute function in Garmin nuvi 2597LMT is not preloaded.You have to purchase is seperately.It means you have to pay some extra money for it if you want it to find the most fuel-efficient way to a destination, aiding you cut costs while getting gentler on the environment.The detailed expert review is available here and negtive reviews from buyers are available here.

We hope our brief sat nav reviews for the 3 amazing sat navs can help you find the one for your car.We have a made a list for more sat navs which are popular on the market.You can read these expert sat nav reviews in our In-Car Sat Nav Guide section.